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Our Services

Our unique rage of services will provide you with everything you need to reach your fitness goals

How it works:

1. Begin with a mouth swab DNA test

2. Send DNA sample off to lab

3. Review DNA results with a DNA- certified trainer

4. Get a custom workout and nutrition plan based on results 

DNA-Based Training

ReviveFlex therapy is an innovative wellness approach combining guided stretching, TENS units, and airbag stretching for a comprehensive and personalized experience. Guided stretching sessions target specific needs, enhancing flexibility and reducing stiffness. TENS units provide pain relief through low-voltage electrical currents, while airbag stretching gently improves circulation and flexibility. This holistic approach makes ReviveFlex therapy an effective choice for promoting overall physical well-being

ReviveFlex Therapy 

At Rush Fit, we prioritize your health with personalized nutritional services. Our expert team creates tailored meal plans, considering your unique goals, preferences, and dietary needs. We believe in a customized approach to nutrition, ensuring you achieve lasting results on your fitness journey.


At Rush Fit, we prioritize the well-being of our team through a robust corporate wellness program. From personalized fitness plans to mental health initiatives, we go beyond the basics to create a supportive and dynamic work environment. Our goal is to not only enhance individual health but also cultivate a culture of vitality and resilience among our employees

Corporate Wellness

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